Nieuws October 2017

31 10/2017

Closing prayer- Shanti mantra

Sinds our yoga students are steady growing grows also their interest in other aspect of the practice. They aked if I can record our closing prayer so they can practice it by them self. Yes, indeed self practice is not only doing sun salutaions at home. Singing the peace-mantra can also enhance our daily Good-Vibes feeling. Here is one recorded after my own practice at home in Pittoreske Zwalm.

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11 10/2017

The Self-Healing Pose

ṣavasana (corps pose)

Savasana is the pose that is often neglected in many yoga studio’s in the west. This can be reflected in our society with focus on productivity and effectiveness. There is little room/time for self reflection to ground, to come to balance and to center our own senses after a strenuous activity. Today I still meet experienced yoga practitioners/students who are still restless and insecure. I believed it has to do with that they are missing out the most profound pose of all the yoga poses, “Savasana.”

Yoga means "to unite". It unites the two polarities of energy; Activity vs Stillness. In the western science we call it; Fight and Flight vs Rest and Digest. This is in my opinion where every yoga class should consist as the foundation. When we students/practitioners can experience this two energies while practicing, we can learn at will how to control our adrenaline level and how to produce the calming and cooling chemical called, Acetylcholine. This latter is the gate way to understand how to empty our restlessness and develop a calm and confidence state of body and mind. When this is stimulated over a period of time, the students begin to understand the self healing properties of ṣavasana. "Where our body feels light and weightless." The mental luggage that we carry is emptied and filtered by contact with the earth. Only then we are ready to receive fresh and new energy, universal energy that has no judgment or opinion. It is up to us how and where we want to use this energy in our life. Many times I feel like being reborn after doing savasana. My daily obstacles become like a small dust on my shirt. In the yoga sutra it says Sthira sukham asanam.

Steady, stable, motionless. Comfortable, filled with ease.

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